Dept. of Physical Education and Sports


The institute has indoor and outdoor recreation activities, including a well equipped and various sports facilities like chess, carom, volley ball, etc. The institute organizes various competitions for the students, to keep their competing spirit alive. Regular yoga and meditation workshops are conducted for a healthy lifestyle.


The primary aim of the Physical Education Department is to cultivate a commitment to a life devoted to the nation. Through the promotion of physical fitness, sportsmanship, and overall well-being, the department seeks to instill values that contribute to the development of individuals who are not only physically capable but also dedicated to the betterment of their nation. By emphasizing the importance of a healthy lifestyle, teamwork, and discipline, the Physical Education Department aims to produce citizens who are not only physically fit but also socially responsible and ready to contribute meaningfully to the progress and prosperity of their country. In fostering a sense of duty towards the nation, the department plays a vital role in shaping individuals who understand the interconnectedness of personal well-being and national development.


  • To develop the physical fitness of the student.

  • To ensure mass participation of the student.

  • To identify the sports-talent and nurture it.

  • To develop the spirit of Sportsmanship, Qualities of Leadership, Sprit of Risk-taking, Co-operative Team work with Social Aspects.

  • To make the students realize their Strength, Skills, Fitness & Alertness.

  • To arouse interest in self defense related sports for self defense.

Departmental Road Map / Future Plans

The departmental roadmap and future plans are strategically aligned towards fostering holistic development and contributing to the broader societal landscape. One key aspect involves pursuing research endeavors through applications for both Minor and Major Research Projects. This not only enhances the academic standing of the department but also contributes valuable insights to the field of physical education. Additionally, active participation in National and International level workshops, seminars, and conferences is a pivotal part of the roadmap, providing a platform for knowledge exchange, skill enhancement, and staying abreast of global trends in sports and physical education.

Furthermore, the department is dedicated to creating tangible opportunities for students by facilitating job placements in diverse disciplines such as the police, railways, and government sectors. By bridging the gap between education and employment, the department aims to empower its graduates to make meaningful contributions to society. Moreover, the emphasis on developing adventure sports activities at the national level reflects a commitment to promoting a diverse range of physical activities, encouraging a spirit of adventure, and fostering an inclusive sports culture. Finally, the establishment of a Volleyball Skill Coaching Centre underscores the department's dedication to honing specific sports skills, contributing to the overall advancement of volleyball, and providing specialized training for aspiring athletes. Together, these initiatives form a comprehensive roadmap aimed at not only enhancing academic and research prowess but also nurturing well-rounded individuals poised for success in various professional arenas.