Never regard your study as a duty, but as the enviable opportunity to learn to know the liberating influence of beauty in the realm of the spirit for your own personal joy and to the profit of the community to which your later work belongs.Albert Einstein

Smt. Salunkabai Raut Arts & Commerce College, welcomes you all to join our great community which endeavours to impart, share and collaborate our collective experience among ourselves, the society and the future alumni. Feeling a duty to give back to our beloved institution the leanings that we acquired from it; with renewed and fruitful learning we experienced in life enriching it further. Its time we act together, now and in synchrony to make our society and environment a better place to be in. Alumni of Smt. Salunkabai Raut Arts & Commerce College,- MAA has always been a source of support and inspiration for the students and the staff of this college. With a long list of famous personalities in the field of films, drama, literature, beauty pagents, music, dance, journalism, sports and even entrepreneurship, who have become an alumni of this college have made the institution proud for years. The alumni always come back to the institution to contribute in various ways. They often guide the current students and share their experiences in the academics (by orienting and teaching them or donating their books and other materials), cultural and sports events (by training them for their performances), or even employment ( by training them for their recruitment in corporate world or making them aware about the career options in their own field).


The main aim of the Excel Alumni Association is to provide a good and strong bridge for the students, faculty and the institute for mutual benefit and synergy.


1.To bring together all the old students and the faculty of ITM College to share their experiences with each other
2.To maintain and update the data base of all the alumni of the college and to interact with them
3.To utilize the rich experiences of old students of the college for the benefit and progress of the present students
4.To provide guidance to the present students in their endeavour for better employment and higher studies.
5.To promote the campus placements through the old students working in reputed industries in India and abroad
6.To get the valuable advices of the Alumni in the overall development of the college
7.To arrange seminars, debates, workshops and also to arrange cultural and social welfare programs
8.To provide financial assistance to the needed alumni members pursuing higher studies based on merit and means.
9.To arrange donations to the poor students either by way of cash or kind for their education purpose
10.To maintain libraries, reading rooms, lecture halls, training centres etc. useful to the members of the Association.
11.To arrange teaching and training classes to the students studying in the college and also to the members to upgrade technical and general skills.
12.To gather and maintain database of employment information and to assist the members in securing suitable jobs
13.To maintain website, publish periodical magazines or bulletins with valuable information useful to the members and students.
14.To involve the members in the overall development of the college and the Society Â

We take Pride in giving to the Society Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Managers who are shaping Organizations all over the Globe. Cherishing their relationship strengthens and bridges the gap between the Managers-in making and Managers of the World.

The interactions between the Alumni and the present students give a chance for both the parties to develop positive synergies to enhance growth. Every year the annual Alumni Meet provides a platform for the students to renew old bonds with the Alma-mater, foster new ties and relive the nostalgic college moments.

The Alumni Association interfaces between the eminent alumni and the college creating a strong network that helps in nurturing executives who can thrive in a challenging and changing business environment.


An alumni association is an association of graduates or, more broadly, of former students (alumni). Many provide a variety of benefits and services that help alumni maintain connections to their educational institution and fellow graduates.
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The Alma Mater is where the personality of an individual is shaped. From making friends to discovering one's field of interest, it is the place where we transform into who we are today. The impetus that our college provides to every individual is a gift to be cherished throughout one's life.

Truth be told, homecoming never gets old! We all have a thread that binds us when it comes to Smt. Salunkabai Raut Arts & Commerce College, College and we share a common ground of our memories.

So here, your college invites you to get back to your Alma Mater, through the Smt. Salunkabai Raut Arts & Commerce College, Alumni Association, which will serve as the single window to reconnect to your college and fellow alumni. Smt. Salunkabai Raut Arts & Commerce College, Alumni Association aka MAA, will enable you to refresh all those wonderful memories and to take stock of your time spent at the college campus. Besides leaving a legacy for current students to follow, you all are also setting the trend for the future, for which your college will always proud be of.

By connecting to the MAA you will get to know about Alumni and College activities on a regular basis. Please join the Smt. Salunkabai Raut Arts & Commerce College, Alumni Association by filling up the form (link to our form-pdf) and submitting it in the college along with your membership fees (Annual membership- Rs. 100/-;Â Life membership- Rs. 1000/-).