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Marathi department had been established in 1984. The department of Marathi came into existence in the same year initially the department began with 37 students Marathi literature as an optional subject was introduced in the session 1994-95. With the introduction of the subject student have got one more option for the degree course. In the session 2023-24 there are 344 student admitted in the department among them 58 student opted Marathi literature. The department does not have its own library. The reference books and text book are available in college library . Dr. G.B.Ghongate is the Head Of Department 01/08/2017. Pro. B.S. Dongre has been appointed as a Assistant Professor on dated 21/11/2019 in Marathi Department.


Dr Gajanan Ghongate
Assi. Prof. And Head

M .A .(Mar )Ph .D. , SET, NET

Departmental Activities

Departmental Awards
Vijay Shamrao Belkhede

M.A., M.Phil, NET, SET, Perc. Ph.D

Department Of Marathi Workload B.A. B.Com (2022-23)
Sr No. Class Subject Lectures Per week Total
# 1. B.A. I Compulsory Marathi Mar. lit. 04 05 09
# 2. B.A. II Compulsory Marathi Mar. lit. 04 05 09
# 3. B.A. III Compulsory Marathi Mar. lit. 04 05 09
# 4. B.Com. I Compulsory Marathi 04 04
# 5. B.Com. II Compulsory Marathi 02 02
# 6. B.Com. III Compulsory Marathi 02 02
Sr No. Guide Student Subject
# 1. Dr. G. B. Ghongate Prof .Bapurao Sahadeo Dongre Sant Tukaramanchya Shubhashitancha Chikitshak Abhyas
# 2. Dr. G. B. Ghongate Pragati Manik Belkhede Ekvisavya Shtkatil Nivdak Lekhikancha Streewadi Kadambaryncha Chitishak Abhyas
# 3. Dr. G. B. Ghongate Vivek Bhakabhu Kolhe Rastrasant Tukdoji Maharajanchya Samgra Vangmayatil Gramsanskrutichya Vikasachi Tatve : Ek Chikitshak Abhyas
# 4. Dr. G. B. Ghongate Vilas Shaligramji Ganjare Varadatil Nivdak Kathakaranchya Kathavangmayacha Chikitsak Abhyas [Mahadev Ilame , Satish Taral, Ashok Mankar, Vijay Patil,Ananta Sur ]