Our college's library is a treasure trove of knowledge and a hub for academic research and learning. We understand the pivotal role a well-equipped and welcoming library plays in the education of our students. The library at Smt. Salunkabai Raut Arts & Commerce College offers a range of facilities and resources to support the intellectual pursuits of our students.

"Books are the Best Friends of Men."

Books always guide men in every spheres of life to live in the Information and Knowledge Society. It also provides the curious learners a primary source of Information, Knowledge, Pleasure, Inspiration and Motivation. In this sense, the Library of Smt. Salunkabai Raut, Arts & Commerce, College can also be called as a "The Factory of All Knowledge."

Key Facilities at Our Library
  • Extensive Collection

  • Comfortable Reading Areas

  • Digital Resources

  • Internet Access

  • Reference Services

  • Photocopying and Printing

  • Study Rooms

  • Periodicals and Magazines

  • 24/7 Accessibility

  • Interlibrary Loan Services

At Smt. Salunkabai Raut Arts & Commerce College, we believe that the library is the heart of academic growth and research. It is a place where students can expand their horizons, explore their interests, and find the information they need to excel in their academic pursuits.