• To empower the women in rural area.

  • To create confidence and positive approach among them.

  • To create economic independence.

  • To develop leadership qualities among them.

  • To impart the principle of gender equality.

  • To inspire them to participate in Panchayatraj system and hence achieve the target of rural Development.

  • To make them aware of their health and hygiene.


As our college situated is in rural area, it is necessary to study the rural women and their condition and try to empower them. The most of women of this village are uneducated and they do believe in so called traditions which are the cause of their violence and exploitation. It becomes important to make aware them about the importance of education as well as to bring them in the current education scenario and to try for their empowerment. The rural area women need to understand their constitutional rights and gender equality. The women are facing many problems even today such as early marriages, dowry death, female feticide, health and hygiene. Domestic and public violence. The institution tries to make them aware of their rights through our students.


The concept of the women empowerment is inculcated among women by holding meetings with them in the surrounding villages, in the NSS camp of the college every year. The girl students are guided properly about the various social issues like dowry death, female feticide, domestic violence, sexual harassment, public violence, health and hygienists. In our college we have Women Empowerment Cell in action to empower the girls and women of the village. The cell regularly conducts various programme and activities in this regards. We also have internal complaint committee to tackle the problems of gender issue. The empowerment cell arranges programmes like as Gender equality, women empowerment, human rights , women rights, saving groups for women, Training programme like beauty parlor course, Female feticide, Free health checkup camps, superstition eradication, sanitary pad distribution.

Evidence of success::

The women empowerment cell has conducted following activities during the last five years

  • Conducted programs on superstition eradication for rural women which beneficiated 54 Women and students

  • Completed a project ‘Awareness and development of rural women and empowerment which beneficiated 117 Women and students

  • Conducted the workshops on health and H.B checkup of women which benefited 402 Women and students during the last five years.

  • Conducted two workshops on women safety and security which beneficiated 169 Women and students

  • Conducted a workshop on women gathering which beneficiated 653 women and students.

  • Conducted Nutrition healthy diet preparation which beneficiated 169 Women and students

  • Conducted awareness program on to stop Female feticide (included Rally & Rangoli Competition) which beneficiated 209 Women and students during the last five years.

  • Conducted Sanitary pads distribution Programme which beneficiated 518 Women and students during the last five years.

  • Organized Beauty Parlor training Course which beneficiated 67 girls students.

  • Organized International Women’s day Programs with beneficiary of 190 girls students.

  • Organized a seminar on Gender equality with participants of 132 Students in the academic session 2019-20.

  • In Covid-19 period, the women empowerment cell has distributed Mask to RTO’s and Police department in academic session 2019-20.

  • Distributed the social reformation books to the neighboring locality women on the occasion of ‘Vat Purnima’ which benefited 54 women

  • Organised workshop on Savitribai Fule and women empowerment with 89 beneficiaries.

  • Organized a campaign on Rural Women Awareness with 117 beneficiaries.

  • Launched Anandi Room with all facilities for girl’s students.

Problems encountered

Due to lack of knowledge and education, the women of villages do not show their interest to participate in women empowerment programme arranged by the college.

The women are superstitious and some women do not want to change their social status in male dominated society.

It is very difficult to enlighten women and to prepare them to fight for gender equality and their rights.

To arrange women empowerment programme, rallies, poster exhibition, health check-up camp is difficult in the village without the help of Rural Women.

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