About Department

The Department of Economics was founded in 1914-15 under the able stewardship of Prof. V. G. Kale who was a member of Tariff Commission, Government of India. The department of Economics has hosted illustrious alumni who have contributed immensely to various fields of national policy making. The department has a very rich intellectual legacy and it has continued to enrich and deepen it further. The faculty members are actively involved in research activities wherein they regularly publish their work and participate in international conferences/seminars.

The goal of the Department of Economics is to focus on the provision of a competitive curriculum with evolved methods of instruction consistent with the finest traditions of a liberal arts education. Economics, being a perfect blend of both science and arts, provides the students with a broad educational experience that allows them to pursue varied professional and graduate school opportunities as well as immediate endeavours in the world of work upon graduation. The postgraduate programme at the department provides an in-depth exposure to the nuances of Economic theory and applications that enables the students to be confident about their understanding of the subject.

The Autonomy status of the College has allowed the Department to bloom further. The curriculum of the Undergraduate programme of the college allows students to be exposed to multiple disciplines and specialise only in one of them. The curriculum for the Economics Special papers has been particularly designed to provide a blend of theoretical knowledge of the subject along with applications of the same. The multi-disciplinary exposure of the students allows them to view Economics from a holistic perspective. The curriculum of the Postgraduate programme provides the students further insight into the subject matter. The students are offered elective papers every semester which allow them to strengthen their skills in some specific area within the discipline of Economics as per their liking. The faculty members are continuously involved in curriculum development in order to enrich the learning experience of the students.

The Autonomy status has also allowed the evaluation process to evolve providing the students with variety of evaluation tools and methodologies which makes learning more effective and hones their skills for the professional world.

The Department offers ADD-ON courses on Mathematics and Statistics for the undergraduate students to further strengthen their quantitative skills and make it easier for them to grasp the applications in Economics. The Department has also proposed a Post Graduate Diploma in Quantitative Economics to be offered from the academic year 2018-19.

Course Name Medium of Language Duration Intake Admiss. Criteria Course Structure Syllabus
BACHELOR of Commerce Marathi 3 Yrs 360 Students H.S.S.C with 60% Marks Click Here Click Here
Master of Commerce English 2 Yrs 120 Students BACHELOR Degree with commerce Click Here Click Here
Master of Commerce Marathi 2 Yrs 120 Students BACHELOR Degree with commerce Click Here Click Here
# Research Title Researchers Name of Principal Investigator Year Title Of Project Funding Agency Amount Sanctioned(In Rs.) Major/ Minor/Any Other
01. Shri. Nilesh R. Raut President Dr.Sharmishtha Matkar 2009 Globalization & Software Industry UGC 65,000.00 Minor