Dnyanganga Shikshan Prasarak Sanstha Wanoja

Smt. Salunkabai Raut Arts & Commerce College, Wanoja

"Reaccredited "B" Grade by NAAC, Bangalore." C.G.P.A. 2.46



Brief History of NSS

NSS was started in the year 1969 to establish a meaningful linkage between the campus and community. With the aim of developing the personality of the younger generation through selfless community service, it was recognized that the country could not progress in a desired direction until the student youth are motivated to work for the upliftment of the villages/community. Therefore for the national reconstruction and national resurgence it was deemed to appropriate that the students and teachers should be properly sensitized and utilized for strengthening the Indian society as a whole with a particular emphasis on rural community. As a result, student youth, teachers and the community are considered as the three basic components of the National Service Scheme and, the teachers and students contribute in the nation-building activity through community service.


The vision of the National Services Scheme is to build the youth with the mind and spirit to serve the society and work for the social uplift of the downtrodden masses of our nation as a movement.


The National Service Scheme has been functioning with the motto “NOT ME BUT YOU” in the view of making the youth inspired in service of the people and aims of the NSS is to impart Education through Community Service and Community Service through Education.


The main objectives of National Service Scheme (NSS) are:

  • To understand the community in which they work
  • To understand themselves in relation to their community
  • To identify the needs and problems of the community and involve them in problem-solving
  • To develop among themselves a sense of social and civic responsibility
  • To utilize their knowledge in finding practical solutions to individual and community problems
  • To develop competence required for group-living and sharing of responsibilities
  • To gain skills in mobilizing community participation
  • To acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitudes
  • To develop capacity to meet emergencies and natural disasters
  • To practise national integration and social harmony

The motto "Not Me but You" reflects selfless service with emphasis on "You viewpoint". It is a win-win situation that provides for the welfare of the society and there by welfare of the individual. This character-building exercise puts the concept of "Sarvejanaha Sukhino Bhavantu" into practice.

Our Work

Our NSS unit is of 150 volunteers,
We conduct various social and cultural activities during its seven days residential camp, at adapted village.
Similarly the unit organize various programs and camps at out college Line:

  • Yoga Day
  • NSS Day
  • Environmental day
  • Blood Donation Camp
  • Eye Check-up Camp
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